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The journey from farm to fork is not just about delivering the freshest produce, but also about social responsibility to ensure we’re leaving the planet better than we found it.

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Our Dedication to Food Safety & Sustainability

We understand that your commitment to providing your customers with the highest quality products is paramount, and maintaining consumer trust while ensuring food safety is a delicate balance. That’s why we’ve integrated state-of-the-art technology and rigorous protocols to bring you a new standard of excellence in food safety and traceability, which includes:

Complete traceability and visibility from farm to fork

Internal audit and mock recall procedures to ensure safety and consistency

Robust and centralized management information system that easily integrates with your systems

All locations are consistently audited by USDA, Primus GFS and USDA Organic

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Fresh Produce with a Greener Future

Responsible agricultural and delivery practices are essential for maintaining a healthy planet and ensuring the long-term availability of high-quality produce. We have crafted a thorough sustainability and social responsibility program, which consists of:

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Responsible Resource Management

It’s our company policy to minimize pesticides, reduce carbon offsets, and efficiently use both water and land.

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Efficient Operations

We invest in energy-efficient practices and technologies within our facilities and transportation systems, including utilizing route optimization to increase fuel efficiency, and reducing electricity, water, plastic, chemicals, cardboard, and supplies.

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Packaging Innovation

We use recycled or biodegradable packaging material whenever possible.

Social Responsibility

DiMare Fresh has long exceeded required standards and is committed to treating its employees with respect and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Many of the Florida and California tomato farmers are multi-generational families and this is true of our family as well. The DiMare family is in its third generation of farming on the East and West coasts. We are tied to the land and rooted in the community. DiMare Fresh complies with applicable labor codes and requires that its management team reviews working conditions on a regular basis to ensure that compliance is maintained. Also, DiMare’s Florida farms are proud to be Fair Food Program partners.

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