Food Safety

A Leader in Food Safety

DiMare Fresh is a leader in the industry and places food safety at the top of our list for achieving success. Our HACCP procedures are an important component of our food safety program and all locations are certified by third party auditors; current GFSI, Organic CCOF and USDA audits. We are proud of our high standards and the ratings we consistently maintain. All DiMare distribution centers, as well as DiMare farms are GFS (Global Food Safety) certified.

Keys to DiMare Fresh’s
Food Safety Program

    • Electronic product traceability
    • Dedicated Director of Quality Assurance/Food Safety with oversight responsibility for all DiMare Fresh operating units
    • Corporate level training program developed for all companies food safety practitioners.
    • QA/Food Safety Site Manager at each location
    • Stringent food safety guidelines and requirements for all product suppliers
    • Ongoing training and reviews to continually enhance our food safety practices

    Food Safety guidelines continually evolve. As a proud supporter of the Center for Produce Safety and a member of the Florida Tomato Committee and multiple other food  safety committees, we stay very close to all guideline and rule discussions. As a leader, our priority is on maintaining the safety and security of every customer and consumer associated with our products and services.

    DiMare Fresh Food Safety